The Vinturi aerator is constructed of the only resin that is alcohol safe, food grade, clear and injection moldable, and unlike conventionally designed products, the Vinturi is not constructed of two pieces, but rather, is a uni-body mold, similar to a solid piece of blown glass. During the manufacturing process, the team discovered that if any measurement of a Vinturi aerator is off by more than five one-thousandths of an inch, the product won’t work. For that reason, every Vinturi that is made is individually tested to make sure it aerates properly.

The Vinturi wine aerator lets you uncork and enjoy instantly. The trick is the scientific principle the Vinturi is named after. The Venturi effect is when a liquid speeds up as it flows from a wide area to a narrow area. In the Vinturi wine aerator as the wine speeds up in the narrow section, it draws in air like a vacuum from tiny holes. As the wine passes through the plug between the wide section and narrow section, it makes a distinct sound- the sound is actually the vortex of the wine and air mixing- you actually hear the air being pulled in through the side air holes. This sound is unique to only Vinturi wine aerators, and lets you know that you have a genuine Vinturi aerator.

The Vinturi wine aerator enhances flavors, aromas and gives wine a velvety smooth finish. For the discerning nose or everyday wine drinker, the Vinturi difference is clear. Using cutting-edge plastic techniques and an age-old scientific principle, the Vinturi makes wine taste delicious and decanting fast and easy.