Host Twist Adjustable Wine Aerator



Unlock your wine’s full flavor with the twist Adjustable Aerator, which turns hours to seconds through a cutting-edge aeration level selection dial. Simply twist the dial to your preferred setting from 0 to 6 to select an aeration level equivalent to as many hours of decanting, then pour through the handheld device – like magic, your wine is blended with the perfect amount of oxygen in the time it takes to pour a glass.

Countless hours of experimentation, revision and refinement were dedicated to developing the perfect aerator for all wines, from complex whites to the lightest pinot noirs to the richest cabernets and vintage ports. Unsure of which setting to pick for your wine? Refer to the handy guideline built into the aerator’s slide-open gift box, or experiment on your own to determine what best suits your palate.

HOST's breakthrough technology ensures that each glass of wine is decanted perfectly and instantly. Utilizing Bernoulli’s Principle, the Twist circulates the proper amount of oxygen through your wine, triggering oxidation and the evaporation of certain compounds. This enhances your wine by softening tannins and releasing subtle flavors, improving the overall wine experience.


  • Simulates up to six hours of decanting instantly
  • Integrated aeration intake negates the need for messy external tubes
  • Regulated pour for dependable aeration levels every time
  • Decantes wine from zero to six hours
  • High quality stainless steel and acrylic construction

You’ll Love It Because..

It will easily and rapidly make your wines taste great. Many people underappreciate the importance of aeration, but they are key to expand the surface area of a wine, allowing air to mingle with it. The result is a wine with an expanded aromatic profile and/or softer tannins. You'll expand the value of your wines in seconds with this aerator.

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Type: Wine Aerator